Office 365 administrator training

Make the most of all tools safely.

Microsoft 365

From an IT administrator viewpoint, managing the entire Microsoft Office 365 suite an be a really complex task. Also, the update rate is very high and constant. This implies that the administrator spends much of his time updating, which is something quite difficult at the moment.

HSI team of experts offers medium and high-level training to these teams so that day-to-day management can be carried out in a much more effective and efficient way.

Expert Team

Support Team


We base this administrator training in office 365 on the experience that gives us the multitude of migrations and implementation projects of Office 365 carried out by our entire team. And like user training, we do not rely on boring and monotonous courses, but we focus on the practice and the area problems of any IT administrator.

The certifications that all our technicians have are a guarantee for quality training. And here the phrase that says that “theory is one thing and practice is another” takes much more relevance.