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Manage your own licenses through our portal


One of the biggest headaches of any company is managing software licensing. The multiple programs that manufacturers offer and, usually, the different license packages available make choosing the right license for each user a challenging task.

HSI is aware of this reality and this is why we have dedicated a lot of effort and internal resources to understand the licensing programs of the different manufacturers perfectly and translate them into the companies language.

In the case of Office 365 licensing, we are clearly committed to the CSP subscription model, which allows adapting the number of licenses and the type of license each user needs according to the needs of the company at all times. This subscription model allows both monthly and annual payments and full flexibility for increasing or decreasing the number and type of licenses.

To make all this management much easier, HSI has developed an exclusive portal so that any company, from any computer and at any time, can increase or decrease these licenses at the click of a button. The changes made from this portal are instantly reflected in your Office 365 account. This private development is an additional value that our customers can enjoy at no extra cost.

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This portal is in continuous development, with different improvements:

      • Have full control of the MS cloud
      • We will be able to see the total consumption of Microsoft Office and/or Azure
      • Telemetry of use: know if your organization is applying these improvements to the services or if they are using the services at all
      • Secure Score: know the score you are having on the security tools offered by the manufacturer
      • Additional HSI services, like support, security, Teams phone system or training


The client independently uploads and downloads their Office 365 licenses

They can be divided by companies or by departments

An invoice for each company so that HSI can send them invoices separately with the usual form of payment

Pay per use of monthly activated licenses.