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Nubicuo 112

Give your company continuity. Because your company cannot wait for the ambulance to arrive

The solution for your business to resume normally even in the face of very serious contingencies.

Nubicuo 112 is the HSI service that will make your company not worry about an unexpected stop or the fateful consequences of a general failure, fire, theft …

Nubicuo 112 will be in charge of replicating your cloud computing infrastructure constantly and monitoring that replication so that nothing fails when something fails.

With this system, our consultants will design a contingency plan that will go as far as you want it to go: a unique service, a delegation, the whole company…


How do we do it?


First of all, we do a review of the most critical services within the organization and classify them in an Impact/Urgency matrix.

With this matrix, we can establish different recovery times suitable for each service. The printing service does not require the same protection or restoration effort as the email service.

How much does it cost?

Each Nubicuo 112 project consists of two parts, implementation and continuity.

Phase 1

During the implementing phase, we carry out a study and establish the services we want to protect, recovery times, etc. with the direction of the company. This phase requires an assembly of the replication platform that will vary depending on the size of the global project.

Phase 2

The second phase will consist of making sure everything works as it should, at all times, and being prepared and confident that everything will go as planned. This monitoring will be done constantly, checking that the replication of the services is well executed and scheduling partial or total drills.


Pre-support and contingency plan

We evaluate contingencies, review configurations, and plan the implementation. Two solutions (combinable):


For already virtualized VMware 5.5 or Hyper-V 2012 R2 environments.

 Very critical environments with minimal shutdown.


For virtual or physical environments.

Critical environments that yet allow minor stops.

Guaranteed infrastructure replication

 Based on the Microsoft cloud, the only one with a High-Level National Security Scheme and approval from the AEPD (LOPD)

Daily review, testing and support

We monitor the correct execution of the plan by daily reviewing the copy and periodically running simulation tests