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what is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is based on Office 365 Groups and allows the collaboration between people from the same team or the development of specific projects, sharing resources and whose main function is constant communication between team members.

With Microsoft Teams, your users will have a complete collaborative tool to manage, from a single point, everything a work team needs to achieve their projects.

All the communications functionality (inherited and improved from Skype for Bussiness) will allow you to hold online meetings, audio and video conferences with multiple people simultaneously, chat with colleagues or share applications and desktop.



Each team will have a Sharepoint-based space where they can locate all the documents and files they generate and share. Being on a Sharepoint Team Site will benefit from all the power that the Office 365 document manager offers, such as versioning or indexing.

And Teams is going to allow us to contribute to these collaborative team functionalities that other applications offer us such as Planner (from Office 365), Videos located in Stream, a PowerBI dashboard, a Trello dashboard or a webpage, among many others.

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Teams philosophy is…

Allow any user of the company to create a space where they can work together with a team. In this collaborative space, in principle, there are no hierarchies or permissions. Everyone who belongs to the team will have the same privileges and access to information.

We could even include people from outside our organization in a work team. A customer, a supplier, a partner… without the need for a Microsoft Teams or Office 365 license.

From the same Microsoft Teams application, users will have access to the files of the teams they are part of, but they will also have direct access to the files located in their OneDrive spaces. With this, Microsoft Teams becomes an application hub that allows any user, from a single application, to access and work with all the information they need.

TEAMS webinar

In this webinar, we will present Microsoft Teams, the application that helps you create a team and collaborate via chat with your work colleagues, instead of doing it by email. Among many other functions.


We currently use Skype for Business for instant communication, does Teams allow you to do the same?

Microsoft Teams is designed to replace Skype for Business: it has therefore taken all the features that Skype allows (chat, audio, and video conferencing), and has improved and expanded them. Now the audio and video quality is much better and we have advanced features such as Background Blur, live broadcast, or the ability to record a meeting and transcribe what is said in a text.

We have not implemented Sharepoint in our company yet, can we use Teams?

Absolutely. Each work team that is created generates a Team Site independent from Sharepoint where the team files will be located. These Team Sites are independent from the Sites that can be created in a migration from our file server to Sharepoint Online.

How do I know if I should use Teams or Sharepoint to organize my company information?

In the end, every tool has its place and purpose. For us, Teams should be the application to organize collaboration teams mainly in projects that have a beginning and an end. Let’s imagine that there are 4 people who must work together on the same project and we put them in the same room: this room would be Teams.

But if what we want is managing the global information of the company or more routine departments (Administration, HR, …), Sharepoint should be the ideal place.

And what place does OneDrive have in all this?

OneDrive should be for users to save their own documents in the cloud. Your My Documents folder in the Cloud.

When a project ends, what happens to all that information that has been generated in a collaborative team?

The documents are in Sharepoint so they will be there as long as it is not deleted. The conversations can be exported, and the data generated by the other applications will be in each of them. Remember that Teams really does not have its own information, but rather concentrates different solutions in one place.

Currently we have Skype and Teams available in our Office 365 dashboard. Which one should we choose for instant communication?

You definitely have to go for Teams. Skype has an expiration date. Teams has the same functionalities and more.

We have many users in constant mobility. How can we connect with all of them?

In highly mobile environments is where Teams deploys all its power. We no longer need to be together to work and collaborate, due to having all files in Sharepoint or getting all the audio and video collaboration tools.

In addition, Teams now allows us to become our own PBX, so it can replace our current system.