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Microsoft for education

Education is about creating, innovating and cultivating curiosity


With the help of Microsoft Education, at HSI we put teachers, students, parents, and educational leaders at the heart and soul of what we do. Additionally, we encourage curiosity and a desire to get more out of classes with affordable, accessible, and high-quality products and services.

We support educators’ efforts and recognize that small daily actions can make a great difference. We also allow progress and develop new ways to positively impact learning by creating connected and collaborative environments. 

We serve communities with technologies that generate the formative development of all young people, to become the brilliant minds of tomorrow.

Therefore, we continually learn, fail wisely, and persevere to make a better future, every day. 

Microsoft 365

What your school needs in a single solution

The most secure Windows devices in history, Office 365 applications that enchant teachers and students, and easy IT management come together on one platform: Microsoft 365, which takes a big step forward in personalized and collaborative teaching.

Which Windows 10 device do you want?

Windows 10 offers a wide range of devices for all tastes: tablets, convertibles, detachables, laptops, or desktops. All of them resistant and with the maximum protection that Windows offers. They are fast and easy to use. Its versatility –from handwriting to typing, from interactive lesson to Minecraft: Education Edition, or from graphs to 3D painting–, offers enriching scenarios to learn through experimentation.

La colaboración en el aula se llama Office 365

Teams es la última aplicación de Office 365 que revoluciona la forma de trabajar en equipo. Se trata de un hub digital que reúne conversaciones, contenido y aplicaciones Office en un solo lugar.

Con Teams puedes crear aulas colaborativas en las que gestionas fácilmente el flujo de trabajo de tu clase, tener una visión global del mismo, mientras que, paralelamente, involucras a tus alumnos para que participen. Tienes a tu disposición todo lo que necesitas para tus clases: archivos, sites, aplicaciones, con la posibilidad de que puedas añadir comentarios motivadores a tus alumnos, correcciones, vídeos y contenidos amenos.

Collaboration in the classroom is called Office 365

Teams is the latest Office 365 application that revolutionizes teamwork. It is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, and Office applications together in one place.

With Teams, you can create collaborative classrooms in which you easily manage your class workflow, have a global vision of it, while motivating your students to participate. You have at your disposal everything you need for your classes: files, sites, applications, with the possibility that you can add motivating comments to your students, corrections, videos, and enjoyable content.

Quick and easy setup with Intune

Manage policies for all classroom devices in just one hour.

  1. Choose a group and users to manage each device.
  2. Implement selected applications to students and teachers without touching their devices. Once implemented, they will be available when you log in.
  3. Choose the configuration that is required for each device.

Custom experiences on shared devices

Thanks to the quick login to shared devices and an instant configuration that is applied to those devices immediately, each user can have a personalized and tailored experience while learning on a shared device.

Office 365

In addition to all the classic Office tools, the Office 365 suite of educational applications reveals a new way to turn your digital classroom into a secure, agile, intuitive, and full of learning resources collaborative learning environment.

Office 365 offers an unbeatable set of tools to facilitate learning by projects, flipped classroom, digital assessment through rubrics, cooperative learning, etc. You can even do a virtual class session with a teacher who is in another part of the planet. There are endless possibilities to work as a team and take advantage of its full potential.

The tools they will work with tomorrow

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook… allow them to do incredible tasks and projects, in addition to acquiring skills in the favorite applications of companies. The possibility of simultaneous group editing in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint makes group projects more productive. Any member can add things, answer questions, or track updates in a single version of the document.

Better to work together

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content and applications together in one place. Create modern collaborative classrooms and:

  • Encourage communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

  • Connect with any student from anywhere you are for a class, tutoring, or to answer questions.

  • Manage activities and tasks in real-time, allowing their evaluation at any time.

    Everything organized and without risk of loss

OneNote’s class notebooks provide a personal workspace for each student, a library for resources, and a collaborative space for lessons and class activities, keeping these documents synchronized on all devices.

  • Write notes, on a keyboard or with a digital pen.

  • Add links.

  • Insert images, videos, tables, and calendar appointments.

  • Attach related files.

OneNote can be integrated into Microsoft Teams. Now it is possible to bring the digital notebook to a collaborative classroom with conversations, files, applications, and assignments, all in one location.

Windows 10


The arrival of technology in schools does not come down to a simple change in digital equipment, software, or platforms. It should help in the processes of methodological change, the interaction of the learning groups, the communication of the educational community, the way of generating and presenting content, and the way of evaluating.

The new functionalities that Windows integrates make the learning model much more interactive and enriching.

Boost concentration with Windows Ink

Smart editing in Word

Cross out the words to make them disappear, circle the text to select it, highlight elements with precision, or transform drawings into shapes with a single click.

Math assistant

Write a math problem and OneNote will solve it step by step.

Paint 3D sparks creativity

3D from scratch

Convert a 2D image into a 3D scene in seconds.

Share your creations

Hang your 3D works on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …

Make your lessons more enjoyable

Add animation to 3D models of your PowerPoint presentations. Export your Minecraft creations, combine them in Paint 3D and see them in your real-world using the Mixed Reality Viewer app.

Exploring the future with Mixed Reality

Travel virtually

Walk on steep trails while native birds fly over you, just a few meters away, you will finally have reached the top and contemplate the beauty of Machu Picchu.

Bring history to the present and delve into a new reality

Discover the impressive Colosseum of Rome from its arena or live the Viking history, soak up its landscapes and immerse yourself in its mythology.

Windows 10 complies with the National High-Level Security Scheme and puts at your disposal the necessary tools to comply with the new GDPR.

Minecraft: Education Edition

It is a video game that presents the player with an open world, made up of different natural ecosystems, with which he can interact freely. The game features cube aesthetics that players can break, place, and transform into new objects, offering unlimited possibilities to develop creativity.

Minecraft and its success in Education

The educational version of the game, Minecraft: Education Edition

offers education a unique tool for developing collaborative, game-based, and project-based learning. The variety and richness of its blocks and objects promote students’ creativity in constructive tasks and develop their spatial thinking.

In addition, Minecraft: Education Edition allows you to develop programming with the Code Connection application and manage multiplayer games with the Classroom Mode application.

Motivation and immersion in the learning process

By using Minecraft as a platform for learning, educators can motivate and inspire all students to achieve more meaningful learning.


Education Edition is designed for students to play together, either working as a team to solve a problem or collaborating with the whole class in more complete activities.

Creative exploration

Students must try, fail, and retry to get the result they want. Minecraft’s open-world promotes independence and autonomy, where students are able to express their ideas and emotions in a unique way.

These characteristics, and many more, have helped numerous educators around the world decide to introduce this video game into their classes.

Teacher Webinar Plan - Course 2019

What is it?


The Microsoft Education online training plan offers, to all teachers and free of charge, online sessions taught by education professionals, on the different learning experiences they’ve had with Office 365 educational tools. 

Sign up for all the sessions that you find interesting. If one day you cannot see them, our recommendation is that you still sign up and watch the recording after.

Sessions for teachers by teachers

There will be more than 10 teachers in the Microsoft speakers’ programming so they can offer you a real experience adapted to the needs of today’s modern classroom.



Intune for Education

Microsoft Intune helps make IT work more efficient. Mobile device and application management offers integrated data protection and compliance capabilities that allow you to specify what data different users can access. And what they can do with the data within Office and other mobile applications.

Simple device and application management


Deploy apps for students and teachers without touching their devices. Once deployed, they will be available to your students and teachers when they log in from any device, so they will only see the selected applications.

Offer a personalized experience for each student, even on shared devices. Thanks to the quick login and settings that are applied to those devices at that time, each user can have a personalized and tailored experience while learning.

Express configuration


All the PCs in your center configured from a central console designed for schools.

1º Choose the groups and users to deploy the applications and configure their devices. 

2º Select the applications you want these users to have.

 3º Configure your equipment: choose when will they update, configure WiFi networks, block the webcam, or prevent the use of USB sticks.

Hacking STEM

Experiment, build and learn

Hacking Stem is a project designed to work on the STEM content areas (Science, Technology, Engineer, Mathematics), building scientific instruments, and connecting them with Excel – Project Cordoba to encourage experimentation, critical thinking, and teamwork among students. 

Its library offers a wide variety of downloadable, interactive projects and activities that use everyday materials to make STEM affordable, accessible, and fun for everyone. Some of them are:


Manufacture a telegraph with everyday objects in order to understand electrical energy and its role in communications. Once mounted, it can be used to send and receive Morse code information.

Water quality meter

Build a water quality meter with wire and straws. Compare the water quality of different samples and encourage reflection on the impact of human activity on aquatic ecosystems.

Topographical project

Build an odometer and angle gauge with Lego Education pieces. With the help of the Pythagorean theorem and these measuring instruments, the routes are drawn to define the topographic map. It allows you to analyze it in Excel and export it to Paint 3D to complete it.

Robot Hand

Develop a robot hand model to understand the anatomy and biomechanics of the human hand. The data obtained from the movement of the students’ fingers are visualized and new ideas are generated to improve this prototype.

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