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Microsoft Azure

Systems tailored to your needs every minute
Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s pay-as-you-go infrastructure platform that enables any company, regardless of size, to have systems tailored to their needs every minute.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Services as virtual machines, or unlimited storage and network management resulted. PaaS (Platform as a Service) Services as SQL Server, and many more services or applications that grown every day offer a range of increasingly essential possibilities.

HSI has made a strong commitment to this platform and has created an exclusive internal department specialized in this environment in order to help its clients to implement their projects successfully and take advantage of all its benefits.

Our technicians are certified on the Azure platform. As a result, HSI has achieved the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency.


Azure is the only cloud platform that meets security standards such as the high-level LOPD, the National Security Scheme, or multiple ISOs concerning information protection.

Some of the projects we manage are:

Total Outsourcing to Azure Projects

Migration of the entire set of servers and applications to the Azure cloud to have client computers locally in the company. With this, it is possible to have 100% flexible computing, costs per minute, and availability of more than 99.999%.

Hybrid Integration Projects

Integration of the company’s local CPD with Azure to move heavy workloads into more powerful environments, such as Azure N-type machines, to execute nightly processes with a high load of SQL transactions.  

Disaster Recovery Projects

Replication of local infrastructure in order to have a complete contingency in the event of a total disaster and an emergency downtime of less than 2 hours. And all this at a cost 1,000 times less than having it locally.

Demo Environment Projects

Companies with numerous and brief internal projects, but with varying requirements between them. Azure gives them an infrastructure that adapts to every one of them and in record time.

Our pre-sales team always approaches any IT project with the perspective set on Azure, so that it is always designed with the best possible scalability and availability and can accommodate the changes the business requires in a timely and cost-effective manner.