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Devices to facilitate education


JP Devices

They lead a pioneering ICT-based education initiative. The knowledge gained from projects developed around the world makes jp.ik the benchmark partner for creating, integrating, and streamlining best practices in the use of technology in education.

jp.ik is present in more than 70 countries and has led the implementation of more than 20 large-scale educational projects, having an impact so far on more than 15 million students.

The integrated initiative developed by jp.ik  –”Inspiring Knowledge Ecosystem”–, encompasses three key pillars of a technology-based educational project –Technology, Engineering, and Pedagogy– as part of an educational project with long-term impact.

With this educational ecosystem, jp.ik distributes more than technology, guaranteeing the transfer of knowledge as a key success factor as well as supporting the sustainable development of communities.




Specially built for Education

SLIDE S201t is a 2-in-1 device designed to offer students a flexible learning tool that they can take anywhere. It quickly switches from a laptop to a tablet, enabling a more engaging and personalized learning experience to suit each student while promoting a more collaborative classroom environment.




Unplug yourself

TRIGONO V401 was designed for young spirits and dynamic users. With a sleek, lightweight design and a long-lasting battery, this laptop delivers great user experience and performance that make it dynamic and stylish.

TURNT  T302r



Enhancing the student experience

TURN T302r was designed to offer the best interactive learning experience. This convertible 360º laptop has a high-resolution touch screen with palm rejection and an active stylus for smoother, faster, and more intuitive use. Long battery life allows students to work continuously throughout the school day, and the quick charge function charges the device at 70% in just one hour, preventing waste of time.




High performance and functionality

LEAP T303 comes in the classic notebook format to offer students the performance and functionality necessary for a more productive experience. Besides power and stability, we added longevity, with a battery that lasts over eight hours, allowing students to work continuously throughout the school day.





Take the classroom anywhere

DRIVE B202 is an easy-to-use device designed to access, store, and distribute content, providing quick access to stored learning material. Designed for low or no connectivity scenarios, it is the ideal solution for sites without the Internet. The power adapter includes a surge protector and a semi-robust design (IP41) that makes it resistant to liquids and dust.

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