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Why limit ourselves to connecting only computers

Microsoft Azure


The future is here. It’s called the Internet of Things or IoT, and Azure knows a lot about it.

IoT encompasses anything that will be connected to the internet and will generate data. A lot of data. And processing all that data is not an easy task and we must resort to large hardware platforms, not only for data storage but for processing.

We can apply Machine Learning to all those millions of data which, through algorithms and powerful calculations, will be able to predict things from our data. The applications are endless.

Can you imagine capturing the faces of visitors in a museum and knowing whether or not they like what they see?

Or how to detect cases of bullying in a school by measuring the mood of young people when entering and leaving class.

Being able to predict how often we must maintain our machines so that downtime is reduced to zero.

All of this is just a small part of what Azure can do in relation to capturing, storing, and processing big data.

What is Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s pay-as-you-go infrastructure platform that enables any company, regardless of size, to have systems tailored to their needs every minute.

 IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services such as virtual machines, unlimited and redundant storage, or network management. PaaS (Platform as a Service) services such as SQL Server, and many more services or applications that grow day after day, offer an increasingly important range of possibilities.

 HSI has made a strong commitment to this platform and has created an exclusive internal department specialized in this environment in order to help its clients to successfully carry out their projects and benefit from all its advantages.