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Infrastructure projects

Having a good framework is the basis of everything

IT Service

Although the Cloud is on everyone’s lips nowadays, our experience of more than 30 years means that we continue to lead many projects for configuration and maintenance of local infrastructures.

We always work hand in hand with leading manufacturers such as Microsoft, HPE, Aruba, and Veeam. In addition, we offer the design, proposal, and implementation of physical solutions for servers, cabins, networking, firewall, wifi, etc.

Thus, all of our technicians are certified to the highest categories at any of these manufacturers. This gives the client peace of mind and assurance that the infrastructure projects will be carried out as recommended by all of them. Additionally, close collaboration with these Partners enables access to high-level technical information or access to the manufacturer’s own resources for project support.

As a result? Guarantee and involvement that not any generalist Partner can promise.

Local server infrastructure

As HPE partners we offer the knowledge to install and maintain any on-premise servers.


Hand in hand with Vmware or Hyper-V  we can carry out any server virtualization project in order to obtain maximum availability environments. All of these environments, once created, can be easily moved or connected to a cloud environment.

Redundant storage

Booth systems type 3PAR, virtual Store or MSA to have a redundant, protected data structure, and achieving very high performance.

Local network projects

We take care of providing everything necessary to have an adequate and protected local network, with certified wiring, and well-configured switching systems.