On February 13, 2020, we celebrated in Bilbao our event of the year, the HsiDay.

HSI and Microsoft organized the HsiDay: a cloud technology event to learn about and take full advantage of all the benefits of both the Microsoft 365 suite and Azure.

We talked about Microsoft cloud technologies. The most outstanding points were:

  • Automate any task or process
  • Create well-prepared work teams
  • Protect your company complying with the highest security and privacy standards
  • Reduce your licensing fees
  • Discover the advantages and benefits of Azure AD


We did multiple simultaneous sessions, at different times, so that attendees could get a much deeper idea of ​​everything that Microsoft 365 and Azure offers. 

Here is a summary of some of the sessions:

Security 365

In this session, we addressed the Microsoft 365 suite to gain insight into how it helps us protect ourselves against the most common security issues.

Veeam with Cloud

In this session, we demonstrated that Veeam® Cloud Data Management ™ Platform is the most complete solution to help our clients evolve the way they manage data, making them smarter and more autonomous while guaranteeing their availability in any application or infrastructure, regardless of where you are.

It is a single platform for cloud, virtual, and/or physical environment to satisfy all your needs.

365 Training and Immersion

In this session, we demonstrate the purpose of this service, which is the optimization, implementation, immersion, training, and help in the adoption of new business processes of the Microsoft 365 Suite tools through a user-centered training strategy to promote their empowerment.

Power Platform

In this session, we showed that it is not necessary to be experts to carry out the development of applications, since “Citizen Developers”, PowerApps and Power Automate give us that opportunity.

Fortinet en Azure

 In this session, we unveiled the Fortinet platform.

The challenges of the Cloud require dynamic solutions that adapt to new connectivity, operation, and security needs. Fortinet’s native integration and wide range of solutions respond to these new scenarios, whether it is to integrate operations with automation tools, to protect access to an application or to our entire infrastructure.

Azure AD

In this session, we talked about:


Active Directory Domain Services vs Azure AD

Identity Models

Authentication methods in hybrid identity models

Azure AD vs Azure AD DS


Azure Plus

In this session, we talked about:


Azure Data Center

Azure Migration Solutions

Azure compliance

Nubicuo CSP

Hsi has created a portal for our clients called Nubicuo CSP, to manage and optimize the licenses of companies.

 What is Nubicuo CSP? 

A self-service licensing portal for all those clients who already have contracted Office 365 CSP subscriptions.


We held multiple simultaneous sessions, we had the pleasure of having speakers from Veeam and Fortinet, as well as two stands from Logitech and Microsoft Surface.



An event of more than 5 hours in which we managed to communicate the great knowledge of our specialists on the Microsoft platform to all the participants.

More than 120 attendees from 80 different companies attended the HSI event. Thank you for attending! We hope to have all of you again in future events 😉

Some photos of the event…