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Training of IT Teams

More than 200 services require good training

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure releases 2-3 new services every month. This level of innovation and updating makes it hard for IT administrators to be informed and prepared for everything. This is why our team of technical specialists in Azure can help with IT team training for all those IT departments that want to follow in Microsoft’s trail.

For this, we organize training sessions in the same high-level company, focusing on those services that are currently being used or are expected to be used. In this way, in the event of any incident or doubt, the IT team itself will have enough knowledge to react promptly. If that is not enough, you can always turn to our support team.

We can offer this training thanks to our close relationship with Microsoft, which gives us access to very high-level training and projects, as well as direct contact with Azure engineers, including the use of the Redmond corporation’s own resources in our clients’ projects.