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Education sector

Training our youngsters with the best tools

Education sector


The way of learning has changed a lot in recent years. And not only on the way of learning, but of teaching as well.

The concept of having a book and a notebook by subject in which the teacher speaks and the students listen. The concept of page 14 exercise 2. The concept of the analogical: all this is obsolete, and not because we say so, but because the students themselves say it. They want more and better materials, but without neglecting all the power that mobile, web and computer use offer them nowadays.

But, above all, the young people ask (or demand) better communication and collaboration among them. They demand teachers who are up to the task in both knowledge and tools.

HSI works closely with educational institutions across the country, as well as with Microsoft’s education department. In this way we can offer solutions adapted to each educational center (primary, secondary, Universities, private education centers, etc.) to empower both students and teachers.

 But also to the centers themselves to be much more efficient and effective in their daily tasks.


Microsoft 365 for Education

The most complete suite to train schools and students.

Devices for education

Choose any of our devices to facilitate education.

EDU Bundle

Everything your school needs to encourage learning without limits.

Take the class home


Take a look at our webinar and learn how to get the most out of the TEAMS tool for your school.

Points to be addressed in the session:

  1. Why digitize classrooms beyond the COVID-19 situation
  2. What is Microsoft Teams?
  3. Why an application hub and not a video conferencing tool?
  4. DEMO: How to work in Microsoft Teams