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Adoption and change management is the process carried out to digitally adapt and transform the processes of companies.

Current status of companies

The modernization and digitization of the business environment has a long way to go. It is a problem, but also a sign that there is a huge room for improvement. Being more competitive, not just locally, but globally, must be one of our main goals as a company. Most companies keep using technology only to store information. Processes are not digitized. Information is not unified, centralized, or shared. Neither do they analyze data, therefore they cannot improve.


Processes are not digitized


Data is not analyzed, therefore they cannot improve


Information is not unified, centralized, or shared


Most companies keep using technology solely to store information

Current status of users

Increasingly, users have begun to value the modern tools that facilitate their work within companies. They are the ones who seek efficiency and effectiveness. On many occasions, even before the company’s own management. If the company does not provide them with the means to be more efficient, frustration and bad habits are generated. Presently, users:



Are not trained in the tools they use


Waste a lot of time on ineffective processes that do not add value


Cannot work flexibly, or remotely

Digital transformation

What does digital transformation entail?

Procesos icono


Define and disseminate them so that they improve in quality, speed, and results.

Information and Access

It should be available where and when we need it.

Relationship with Clients, Suppliers, and Partners

It must be able to be done from anywhere, and from multiple devices (such as mobile or tablet, among others).


Train users to take advantage of all the benefits of digital transformation.

Office 365 Consulting

It’s about providing employees with flexibility and modern tools that result in increased engagement and productivity. The daily life of each member of a company, and the routine associated to their work station, leads them to develop bad habits that are difficult to see from the inside. This is why everything they do will be questioned, in an open and blatant manner.


Transformation process:

How do we do it?

Phase 1


We analyze the areas to understand the what, how, who and when things are done.


Phase 2


With the results of Phase 1, we will propose some digital changes accompanied by the objectives and results that we want to obtain.

Phase 3


With the results of Phase 2, we will carry out all or some of the proposals mentioned before.


Phase 4


The use of applied solutions should be measured. In case of deviations, the causes will be analyzed and the correct actions will be determined.

Why HSI?

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Access to exclusive benefits in the Microsoft ecosystem

100% of technical staff is certified by Microsoft. +70% of them, specialize in Office 365 and/or Azure

We have all the Microsoft Cloud certifications. In the particular case of 365, we received the GOLD distinction

30 years offering technical support to companies

5 members in the P-Seller program (exclusive program by which these people are an extension of the staff, being able to offer training or events on behalf of Microsoft).

Active and intensive users of Office 365 tools

Focused on productivity and process improvement

Close and direct service. Accessible staff. From N1 to Management

Multisectorial, which greatly enriches all the staff (technical and commercial), being able to bring diversity to the end customer