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Azure Virtual Machines

Create, implement and manage virtual machines

What is the Azure Virtual Machines service?

It is one of several types of scalable on-demand computing resources that Azure offers. You will choose a virtual machine with the specifications you need, such as more storage capacity for your files.

It gives you the flexibility of virtualization without the need of purchasing and keeping the physical hardware that runs it.

How can I use it?

Development and testing

They offer a quick and easy way to build a team with the specific settings required to code and test an application.

Cloud applications

Since application demand can fluctuate, it would make financial sense to run it in an Azure virtual machine.

Expanded data center

Virtual machines in an Azure virtual network can easily be connected to your organization’s network.

What needs to be considered before creating a virtual machine?

Apps icono

Names of the application resources

Location of the resource storage

Size of the virtual machine

The maximum number of virtual machines that can be created

The operating system running the virtual machine

The virtual machine configuration after startup