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Let go of your local infrastructure and gain performance and scalability

Microsoft Azure

Do you want to migrate to Azure?

The Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure platform allows any company, of any size, to have very secure and robust systems. With almost infinite scalability, and added services that put every need within reach.

Besides, its billing system by seconds allows going from having fixed costs (CAPEX) to maintaining servers, cabins, firewalls, etc. to a variable cost system (OPEX), based solely on the needs that a company has every minute.


  • If nobody works on the weekend, shut down the servers automatically to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • In the event that at 19h the workload in your company is reduced to 10%, change the types of server machines on the go for ones with fewer resources, and at a much lower cost.
  • If you have a working peak and need 5 times more performance, with 3 clicks you can multiply the memory and the CPU for a few more cents.


If you do the Azure migration you will discover the versatility of the platform, together with the knowledge of our team, and the tools that we have developed, which allow us to offer adapted systems in Azure. It is practically a tailored suit for each company, and for every minute.

Our migration and implementation projects first go through a comprehensive requirements assessment of your needs. This way you can search for the Azure services that best fit you. Sometimes it will be infrastructure (IaaS), other times Platform systems (PaaS), and some others, Services (SaaS). And almost always, it will be a combination of all of them.

We carry out Azure migration projects from a couple of servers that serve a very specific application. For projects of complete CPD migrations, migrations of specific services such as SQL, file servers, backups, or complete recovery systems. In the event of disasters that will allow us to have a contingency plan fully replicated in Azure so that our loss is minimal.