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Azure Backup

Eliminates costs · Easy to use · Peace of mind

What is the Azure Backup service?

It is an Azure service to perform backups in a simple, secure, and scalable way. Through a pay-as-you-go system. You can rest easy knowing that this backup allows you to recover your data at any time.

What can I back up?

Local environment

Backs up files, folders, and system state using Microsoft Azure Recovery Services (MARS) agent . Otherwise, use the DPM or the Azure Backup Server (MABS) agents to protect local virtual machines (Hyper-V and VMWare) and other local workloads         

Azure virtual machines

Back up full Windows or Linux virtual machines (using backup extensions), or back up files, folders, and system states using the MARS agent.  

Azure File Share

Back up Azure file shares to a storage account

SQL Server

Back up SQL Server databases running on Azure virtual machines

SAP HANA Databases

Back up SAP HANA databases running on Azure virtual machines

What are the benefits of Azure Backup?

  • Offload on-premises backup: no need to implement complex solutions
  • Back up of Azure IaaS virtual machines: independent and isolated to prevent accidental destruction of original data
  • Easy scale: to provide high availability, without maintenance or supervision overhead
  • Getting unlimited data transfer: does not limit or charge for the amount of input and output data that is transferred 
  • Data protection: both data in transit and at rest 
  • Centralized monitoring and management: without any additional management infrastructure 
  • Getting app-consistent backups: reduces the restoration time, allowing you to quickly return to a running state.
  • Retaining short and long-term data
  • Automatic storage management: uses a pay-as-you-go model. You will only pay for the storage you consume 
  • Multiple Storage Options: Offers two types of replication:
    • Locally redundant storage (LRS) replicates your data three times (creating three copies of your data). All copies of the data exist within the same region. LRS is a low-cost option to protect your data from local hardware errors.

    • Geo-redundant storage (GRS) is the default and recommended replication option. GRS replicates your data to a secondary region (hundreds of miles away from the primary location of the source data). GRS costs more than LRS, but it provides a higher level of durability for your data, even when there’s a regional outage.

Why Azure Backup managed by HSI?

Service 100% managed by an Expert Technical Staff

Backup Monitoring

Retention of custom backups (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly)

Monthly billing

Controlled, predictable monthly spending

No heavy initial investment