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Software License Audit

Software license audit. The importance of legal software.

The software audit licensing consists in identifying the software used by an organization. The collection of information about software provides a history of changes. It is a preventive measure for companies to avoid fraudulent use of software      

In many cases, the control of software licenses is not given the necessary attention when managing IT equipment. It is greatly ignored, while attention is given to processors, memories, disks, … This should not be so, because software is the instrument by which information, one of the greatest assets of organizations, is managed.

Sometimes non-compliance is due to ignorance.

Ignorance does not exempt us from responsibility.

According to the Penal Code, companies that use pirated software can be suspended for periods of up to five years for such practices, which could potentially wind up in the dissolution of the company and, furthermore, the end of their business activity. The Penal Code not only affects the company, but also the managers, who would have to respond personally.     

Check the status of your software licenses with HSI

License audit

HSI has a qualified team to carry out audits. We will provide the client with a consolidated overview of all the network assets regardless of the platform and operating system, making an exhaustive study of their computing environment, obtaining an inventory of their software licensing status. Carrying out the audit will allow us to advise you, if necessary, thanks to our experience on the measures required to change this situation and avoid the consequences of an audit by manufacturers.


Peace of mind






  • Improve the return on technology investment
  • Associate installed software with legally purchased software
  • Take an inventory of company software
  • Associate company software and hardware to check the legality of licenses


  • Avoid administrative and/or criminal penalties
  • Avoid company reputation risks
  • Secure information
  • Reduce costs