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360 Security

With this service we help you control information and improve the security of your company’s data

Did you know that Microsoft 365 includes services focused on security? Are you using them?

Seguridad HSI 360



With the 360  Security service, HSI will help you control information and manage the security of users and your company’s data.


One of the current trends for companies is to move their workflow to the cloud. Its advantages are multiple:

Teletrabajo icono

Ability to work from anywhere

Trabajo en equipo

Increased teamwork capabilities

Ventajas icono

Among many other advantages

Enjoying these advantages means moving all the company’s data to the cloud, which requires configuring security measures to protect them.

HSI 360 Security Service

The new HSI Security 360 service will allow you to employ all the Office 365 security tools to protect your organization’s documents from possible threats that may affect your business.

"The authors of 73% of cyber attacks are external attackers, while 27% of attacks are carried out by internal workers within the organizations."

Microsoft Security Center ATP

Many of the cyber attacks are carried out by organized criminal groups that have advanced technology to violate the security of organizations and obtain valuable information. To combat these criminal groups, Microsoft has a Microsoft security center Advanced Threat Protection.

Detectar icono

A unified platform that detects the threat before it acts

Investigar icono

Automatically investigate security incidents

Postura seguridad icono

Constantly improve your security conditions.

Some of the important aspects to be controlled:

Doble Autenticación icono

Double Authentication

This way, you will avoid identity theft and protect you against possible password theft.

Panel de Seguridad icono

Security Panel

It is designed to help you manage and monitor security across identities, data, devices, applications, and infrastructure.

OneDrive y SharePoint online

OneDrive y SharePoint online

They offer different options to regulate and limit access to your files posted in the cloud. Like, for example, giving site collection administrators permissions.

Service Catalog




Some of the most prominent are:

Revisión icono

SecureScore review and analysis

Office 365

Telemetry of use of the different Office 365 services

Panel de Seguridad icono

Security panel: summary of the period activity (weekly)

Informe icono

Run the attack simulator and get reports

Hacker icono

Checks user vulnerability against credential theft attacks

Suite usuario icono

Review of suite facilities installations by user

Buzón icono

 Used capacity of OneDrive and SharePoint mailboxes to detect unusual growths

Acceso no consentido icono

Detection of possible unauthorized shares and/or non-consented privileged access

Equipos icono

Analysis of Office 365 and Teams groups to detect obsolescence

Autenticación icono

Analysis of the multiple authentication factor configuration and its alignment with company policies