We help your company improve the productivity of your users and processes by making use of technology., Together with Microsoft, HPE and other manufacturers, we accompany you in your technological projects.
IT Services
We offer the knowledge and experience of a technical team of more than 15 people, all of them certified, to carry out any type of project that your company requires.
Microsoft 365 is the complete and intelligent solution, powered by Office 365 and Windows 10, which allows you to offer the necessary tools to your team, protect the company and simplify IT administration.
Azure is Microsoft’s pay-as-you-go infrastructure platform that enables any company, regardless of size, to have tailored systems.
Discover the webinar about the new M365 nomenclature of licenses and the upcoming releases of Nubicuo CSP.


New development division
Our software development division based 100% in Microsoft technology.
Nubicuo CSP
HSI has developed an exclusive portal so that any company, from any computer and at any time, can increase or decrease Office 365 licenses at the click of a button.
We enable progress and develop new ways to positively impact learning by creating connected environments. 
HsiDay, the event of the year.
In the following video, we can see a brief summary of the best moments of #HsiDay in Bilbao.
Our team
We have a highly qualified, motivated and customer-oriented team, being a benchmark IT consultancy in Barcelona and Bilbao.
Implementation of Office 365.
In the following video, Iñaki Figueroa, as Head of Technology and Information Systems of the Port Authority of Bilbao, explains the result of facing the challenge of implementing Office 365 in his entity.


OUR partners.